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<   No. 1762   2007-11-23   >

Comic #1762

1 Terry: Tashkent air traffic control? This is Highland Airlines flight HL16. We have an emergency situation and need landing clearance.
2 Tashkent Air Traffic Control: {over radio} Sorry HL 16. We have a hot air balloon...
3 Terry: Don't tell me. It's been taken over by a troop of baboons.
4 Tashkent Air Traffic Control: How did you know?!
4 Terry: I'm familiar with aviation emergencies.

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Baboon, baboon, baboon.

What a cool sounding word.

2018-07-10 Rerun commentary: "Baboon, baboon, baboon" is, as it happens, part of the lyrics of a wonderful song by The Duckworth Lewis Method, a band who have released a couple of concept albums all about cricket. The song is called "Jiggery Pokery", and is all about the Ball of the Century, a single delivery bowled by Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne to English batsman Mike Gatting on day two of the first Test of the 1993 Ashes series at Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester, on 4 June 1993. I remember that ball very well.

If you like cricket (heck, even if you don't), I highly recommend The Duckworth Lewis Method's original 2009 eponymous concept album, as well as their 2013 follow up, titled Sticky Wickets. Both are available on iTunes.

Oddly enough, by a bizarre coincidence, it turns out that I wrote some of the lyrics of one of the songs on Sticky Wickets, in the track titled "Line and Length". They took some of the lyrics of that song from Wikipedia's page defining the cricket terms line and length.

The lyrics in question are:

The line of a delivery is the direction of its trajectory measured in the horizontal axis.
The length of a delivery is how far down the pitch towards the batsman the ball bounces.
As can be seen by the Wikipedia edit history, I indeed wrote those lines.

Anyway, back to baboons. To hear the immortal lyrics "Baboon, baboon, baboon", check out this fan video of the song "Jiggery Pokery". Given that the song and album were released in 2009, two years after this comic, you could argue that I wrote some lyrics of two of The Duckworth Lewis Method's songs.

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