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<   No. 1780   2007-12-11   >

Comic #1780

1 Lambert: {accusingly} It's obvious, isn't it? Alvissa is Gollum!
2 Mordekai: What?! Don't be ridiculous. That'd imply some sort of bizarre multiple personality disorder!
2 Kyros: Or magical possession...
3 Mordekai: The idea that someone could manifest discrete identities of opposing desires and actions is simply absurd.
3 Kyros: ... by some evil wizard.
4 Mordekai: It's completely incredible that anyone could demonstrate such anomalous behaviour. Sorry Kyros, what did you say?
4 Kyros: Oh, nothing.

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I just noticed that Mordekai is holding that bow in a bit of an awkward pose.

2018-07-28 Rerun commentary: I don't believe I'd ever shot a proper bow (as opposed to a toy one) until just a few weeks ago. On my recent vacation to Tanzania, one of the places we stayed in was a safari tent camp near Ngorongoro crater in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Outside the communal dining tent was a campfire and camp chairs for relaxing with a cool gin and tonic after a hard day observing wild animals. Next to the campfire was a stuffed birlap sack with a target painted on it, hanging from a post, and a simple bow and a few arrows. These were Maasai weapons, hand made by people from the nearby villages. They were clearly there for camp guests to have a go at shooting at the target.

Several of the guests did so, and I had a go too. I stood maybe ten metres away - not very far really. My first shot fell short, so I increased the pull on the bow for the next shot. The arrow flew past the sack to the right, and a little low. This gave me enough hints on adjusting my aim, so when I aimed the next arrow higher and more to the left of where I naively thought it would go, I ended up hitting the target, maybe 20 centimetres from the bull. By now however the release of the three arrows and/or the whipping back of the bowstring had grazed a not inconsiderable patch of skin off the lower knuckle of my left thumb (I was shooting right handed). So I left my efforts there and didn't try again.

I think I held the bow in a slightly better pose for shooting than Mordekai is using here. But I could be wrong. It almost certainly wasn't optimal though, because I presume skinning your own left hand isn't a good outcome if you're shooting arrows a lot to catch your food.

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