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<   No. 1791   2007-12-22   >

Comic #1791

1 Draak: Orc come from that way. We go this way, fast. {leads the party down a dim corridor}
2 Dwalin: {standing firm} Are we roonin' from a mere hoorde o' orcs?! We cannae leave Dwergenberg tae the likes o' them! {translation: Are we running from a mere horde of orcs?! We can't leave Dwergenberg to the likes of them!}
3 Mordekai: {stopping} Why not?
3 Dwalin: Because we're dwarves!
4 Mordekai: Seeya. {runs off with the others}

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We're all dwarves deep down inside.

Aren't we?


2018-08-08 Rerun commentary: This is one time when I think the joke might be improved by the addition of a penultimate beat panel.

"Seeya" or the more articulate "see you", or even "see you later" or "see you round", are curious parting sayings. I don't speak for other dialects, but they're extremely common in Australian English - even if you know that the person you are saying it to is someone you're unlikely to ever meet again. "Seeya" is my own go-to parting saying, and I use it with taxi drivers, staff at restaurants I'll likely never visit again, and various random strangers in places I'll probably never go to again.

I've occasionally pondered about how illogical it is to tell someone that you'll never see again that you will see them later. But that's just part of how language works. It isn't always literal.

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