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<   No. 1805   2008-01-05   >

Comic #1805

1 Shady Black Market Weapons Dealer: Come to my hideout. How much do you need?
1 Serron: At least 20,000. More if you have it.
1 Shady Black Market Weapons Dealer: It's 10% per week. {leads them out of the seedy bar and on to the seedy street}
2 Serron: No problem. It'll be paid back tomorrow.
3 Shady Black Market Weapons Dealer: Tomorrow? You know something I don't?
3 Serron: Yeah. Bet heavily on the Rubilith Reds to win the Cup Final tonight.
4 Iki Piki: What are you doing?!
4 Serron: Ooops, sorry, did I let that slip out?

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Yeah. If you're ever in the middle of negotiating some sort of business deal with someone and they say, "Come to my hideout," I think you might be better off thinking twice about the whole thing.

This advice comes to you free of charge. Seek independent legal and financial advice before applying it to your own situation.

2018-08-22 Rerun commentary: Irregular Webcomic! cannot be held liable for any consequences if someone invites you back to their hideout and you think twice about it.

So really, you're better off not thinking about it, and just going along for the ride.

Or at least, I'm better off if you do that.

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