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<   No. 1820   2008-01-20   >

Comic #1820

1 {scene: A jet cockpit. The view outside the front window is pitch black.}
1 Stewardess: I've never flown through a mountain before...
2 {The plane emerges into the night sky again.}
2 Steve: Crikey! Now there's nothin' to worry about! The snakes will just find some nice warm spot to curl up and sit for the trip.
3 Stewardess: You realise the warmest thing inside a plane is the passengers?
4 Steve: They're lucky to experience wildlife up close!

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Seeing wildlife is one of the great experiences that everyone should have. The world is a truly amazing place, and full of wondrous things. If only we could all spare some time to see a bit more of it than we do.

Perhaps not like this, but you know what I mean.

2018-09-06 Rerun commentary: I've been fortunate enough to have taken several trips where observing wildlife has been a significant component. Even if I take a short business trip these days, I try to find time on a spare day to go hiking or otherwise get outside the city to some countryside, where I can see the landscape and perhaps spot some creatures that I'd never see in an urban environment. And if I can't manage that, I try to find parks or river banks or other green spaces where I can at least hope to spot an interesting bird or two.

I highly recommend it.

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