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<   No. 1838   2008-02-07   >

Comic #1838

1 Serron: With 20,000 to bet, we'll win enough to cover a second hospital bill. This whole plan is working perfectly!
2 Iki Piki: Speaking of which, here's a betting agency. Let's go in. {they go inside}
3 Serron: {to a bookmaker, behind the counter} Good evening. We want to put 20,000 credits on the Acropolis Titans in the Cup Final.
4 Bookmaker: Twenny-fousand on them losers? You know sumfink we don't?
4 Serron: As a matter of fact...
4 Iki Piki: No!!

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When the idea of Iki Piki and Serron placing a bet on the football match first appeared, I was interested to see a comment by a reader to the effect that they'd have to get involved with yet more shady characters if they wanted to find a bookmaker.

My assumption all along was that they'd simply go into a legitimate betting agency outlet, since such things would surely exist. I realise now that such things don't necessarily exist in all cultures, even here on Earth.

2018-09-24 Rerun commentary: Being Australian, I kind of assume for the most part that you can place a bet on pretty much anything you like. Australia is, rather shamefully I think, pretty much the gambling capital of the world. Australians gamble (and lose) more money per capita than any other nation. Not just more, but far more - over twice as much as any other country except Singapore. And it's been this way for decades (look at the graph in the linked article).

In Australia, slot machines are legal outside of casinos, so you can find them in bars, pubs, and clubs. And Australians put more money into them than Americans gamble on all forms of gambling put together: slot machines, casino games, sports betting, lotteries, online gambling, plus all other types.

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