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<   No. 1857   2008-02-26   >

Comic #1857

1 Alvissa: Ahoy, villager! What town is this?
1 Villager: Footcrag.
2 Dwalin: I toold ye! We were oon thu other side o' yon moontains, but ye made us turn back! {translation: I told you! We were on the other side of the mountains, but you made us turn back!}
3 Mordekai: But it can't have been the other side. We saw this village there.
4 Villager: Oh, then ye've seen our sister village on t'other side o' t'mountains: Cragfoot!

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Speaking of sister villages, or sister cities, as the case may be: I discovered recently that Rome and Paris each have only one sister city, namely each other.

There is a motto to accompany this state of affairs: Only Paris is worthy of Rome; only Rome is worthy of Paris.

2018-10-13 Rerun commentary: If a dwarf tells you where you are or gives you map directions or anything like that, it's best to just trust them. Especially if you're in mountains. Double especially if you're in mountains.

When I first came up with Footcrag, I hadn't thought about the sister village storyline, so Cragfoot only developed later on. I knew I wanted it to be an identical looking village, but had to think for a while about what to name it. Fortunately I came up with the right answer.

On sister cities, my own city of Sydney currently has six officially recognised sister cities. In order of establishment they are: San Francisco (1968), Nagoya (1980), Wellington (1983), Portsmouth (1984), Guangzhou (1986), and Florence (1993). Interestingly, San Francisco is the city where I've spent more time than any other place on Earth, apart from Sydney. I've visited Wellington and Florence once each, but none of the others.

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