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<   No. 1865   2008-03-05   >

Comic #1865

1 {scene: A street in Paris}
1 Monty: Dr Smith has the book, which might contain more clues, but where?
1 Minnesota Jones: Notre Dame de Paris!
2 Monty: Grandad, Paris covers hundreds of square miles. The Palladium and the Nazis could be anywhere.
3 Monty: Heck, we might need to track down the next link in the chain. The Palladium may not even still be here at all.
4 Monty: What makes you think we should try Notre Dame?
4 Minnesota Jones: Just backing a hunch.

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Notre Dame de Paris means literally "Our Lady of Paris". Which is handy if you're learning French, since French has about fifty billion more tenses and cases of pronoun than we use in English, so this is the easy way to remember that "notre" means "our". Of course, you have to pronounce it in the French manner to get it right, not in the manner that many Americans pronounce it when referring primarily to the University of Notre Dame.

2018-10-21 Rerun commentary: I got a bit confused rereading this just now to write the rerun commentary, because to me it's obvious that the background photo is not in Paris at all, and so I initially thought they were somewhere else. (But in-story they are meant to be in Paris. I used the background as a stand-in.)

It's obvious to me that the background isn't Paris, because I took the photo in Germany. It's another photo I took in Würzburg, where my aunt lives, as mentioned in #1830. In fact, that's her in the background, in the brown jacket.

Here's a better view, with me as well, taken at the same location:

Aunt  uncle at Festung Marienburg

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