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<   No. 1870   2008-03-10   >

Comic #1870

1 Steward: {indicating the man who saw the snakes on the wing, who is now restrained} This guy's gone crazy. Keeps insisting there are giant snakes on the wing, ripping the engines apart.
1 Steve: How do you know he's crazy?
2 Steward: Snakes are cold-blooded. They couldn't survive out there. The air is too cold and thin at this altitude.
3 Steve: Crikey! They could if they were Peruvian Mountain Anacondas!
4 Steward: What?
4 Steve: I'm just saying...

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Cold-blooded is a somewhat imprecise misnomer when applied to animals. What it's really trying to describe is animals with no self-maintained internal thermo-regulatory system. Snakes warm their bodies by doing things like basking in the sun or, in the case of Peruvian Mountain Anacondas, through sheer bloody-mindedness.

2018-10-26 Rerun commentary: I'm pretty sure anacondas don't live in mountains in the real world.

The closest thing to an anaconda in the mountains that I could find was this.

On another note: I'm pretty sure the chap in the green hat with red feather sitting in a seat in the background behind the tied up guy is Robin Hood.

I've recently realised that in my group of friends I'm often the one who changes the topic of conversation or injects non-sequiturs into an otherwise coherent and logically progressing series of thoughts.

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