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<   No. 1889   2008-03-29   >

Comic #1889

1 {scene: The magnificent facade of Notre Dame de Paris}
1 Minnesota Jones: Notre Dame Cathedral. If those Nazis aren't here yet, they soon will be.
2 Monty: You're sure about this, grandad?
3 Minnesota Jones: Where else in Paris would you find the most ancient and holy relics of antiquity?
4 {scene change}
4 Haken: On public display in die Louvre?
4 Ginny: That's what the book says.

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The Louvre is of course the famous museum in Paris, which houses one of the finest collections of artwork in the world. In 1989 a new entrance to the building was built, in the form of an ultra-modern glass and steel pyramid, which pierces the stone flagged courtyard in front of the classical palace building that makes up the main galleries. I couldn't actually find a royalty-free photograph of the Louvre which doesn't show the pyramid in front of it, so I had to cunningly hide it behind Ginny in the last panel.

The Notre Dame photo is courtesy of Claudia Meyer, St Germain en Laye, France. The Louvre photo is by Richard Plant, Ronda, Spain.

2018-11-14 Rerun commentary: Having been to Paris since making this comic, nowadays I'd just use my own photos of Notre Dame and the Louvre. I did use one of my own photos for panels 2 and 3 though - it's the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome again, not a building in Paris.

Now that the Cliffhangers book is out following the Kickstarter campaign, I wonder if I can claim that trip to Paris as a tax deduction for comics research.

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