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<   No. 1906   2008-04-15   >

Comic #1906

1 {scene: Inside the Louvre}
1 Ginny: There it is. The Palladium of Troy.
1 Haken: Gut. We take it.
2 Ginny: You can't just walk into the Louvre, pick it up, and expect to walk out! There are guards.
3 Haken: Und what is die power of die Palladium?
4 Ginny: Those who possess it cannot be defea... Oh.
4 Haken: Ja. We may be Nazis, but we are not stupid.

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The Palladium is actually supposed to be a wooden statue of Athena, but I couldn't figure out a good way to accurately represent that using Lego pieces. So I settled for this gold covered female idol of vaguely South American design. One may presume that somewhere along its history, someone decided the Palladium was valuable enough to plate in gold, thus disguising its true nature from those who did not know its secret.

2018-12-01 Rerun commentary: I think if I were writing this comic now, I'd make Haken's final word "dummkopfs" instead of "stupid".

I like the archwork on the background wall. I thought the Louvre should have something a bit fancier than a blank flat wall. The curved shadows add quite a bit of visual interest.

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