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<   No. 1910   2008-04-19   >

Comic #1910

1 Iki Piki: Paris! What? How?
2 Serron: You're not dead? Did you come back from the future too?
3 Paris 2: Yeah... I'm a ghost and I come back in a time machine, and suddenly I'm alive again. Think, you morons!
4 Serron 2: Well, it's definitely her.
4 Serron: Uh huh.

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And you thought things were tricky when I was compositing separate images to get two copies of Iki Piki and Serron into the same frame. Now I have a solid copy and a ghost copy of Paris to deal with as well.

2018-12-09 Rerun commentary: The pale greenish reflection in the windows visible in panels 2 and 4 is probably a reflection of something in the room where I took the photos. I need to be careful with reflective surfaces like the bay windows, lest they reflect stuff that is recognisable. So sometimes when setting up shots like this I need to rotate the set or the camera angle to avoid such reflections. If the reflection is indistinct enough, I can leave it in the shot though.

Given the angle, I'm guessing this is a reflection of the window that is across the room behind me, over my right shoulder, as I sit at my desk. Looking at it from here, I can see basically just a bunch of trees, so the green colour certainly is plausible.

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