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<   No. 1983   2008-07-01   >

Comic #1983

1 {scene: The bridge of the Legacy}
1 Serron: Everyone's on board. Quick, take off!
1 Paris: Where to?
2 Quercus: Eisbach. I got us another cargo of water worm spice.
3 Paris: I'm glad somebody is doing their job around here.
4 Serron: Hey, our job is to make life interesting.
4 Iki Piki: You deserve a raise.

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You all remember about Bune's major export good, I hope.

2019-07-28 Rerun commentary: I was just thinking that "water worm" reminded me of something from a game. So I did a search.

Nope, it's not a Dungeons & Dragons monster.

Ah, that's it - it's a Magic: the Gathering card. Or rather, there's a MtG card called "Water Wurm". Not exactly "Water Worm".

A bit more digging reveals that MtG has two different creature types: worms and wurms.

It seems back in the day somebody made a goof. The card Water Wurm is clearly intended to have been a "worm" (a ... well, worm), and not a "wurm" (a huge scaly dragon-like creature, either with or without legs). I kinda wish that MtG had "wyrms" as well, but it doesn't.

By the way, if things like photos of horrible parasites puts you off, don't do a Google search for "water worm" without additional qualifiers.

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