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Comic #2007

1 {scene: The land of the living, somewhere in the wilderness}
1 Charon: Here you go. The land of the living. Now get off. I don't want to see you again.
2 Adam: We're in the middle of nowhere! Can't you drop us off somewhere more convenient?
3 Charon: What sort of reaction would it cause if I showed up off Fisherman's Wharf?
4 Jamie: It's San Francisco! Nobody would even look twice!

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And another city specific joke.

Fisherman's Wharf is a popular tourist attraction area in San Francisco. It's lively and busy and a lot of fun to wander around - I know, having been there a few times myself.

2019-10-20 Rerun commentary: The real life MythBusters were based in San Francisco, which is why these guys want to be dropped off there.

Since this comic was published in 2008, I've been back to San Francisco (and Fisherman's Wharf) ... eight more times! There was one stage where I travelled there four times in two years, for conferences and ISO standards meetings. Although I've travelled there for work many times, I always like to have a day or two to sightsee and relax and enjoy the city.

Although I like to revisit the tourist areas, I also like to explore places I've never seen, getting out to places where tourists would never normally go. I've spent a few days hiking around Mori Point, San Pedro Valley Park, and Fremont Older Preserve (which I know are in the wider Bay Area, not in San Francisco itself). It's a lovely area.

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