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<   No. 2035   2008-08-22   >

Comic #2035

1 Prof. Jones: {in the motorcycle sidecar, holding the Palladium of Troy} It hit me in the head!
2 Minnesota Jones: {driving the motorcycle} Are you all right?
3 Prof. Jones: Well... I could use a snack.
4 Minnesota Jones: Clearly your brain is unaffected.
4 Prof. Jones: Some pain au chocolat would do nicely.

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Pain au chocolat is a French pastry, kind of like a croissant with chocolate in the middle. I remember the first time I heard about such things, when I was learning French (or failing to do so) at high school. The idea of "bread with chocolate" sounded really weird at the time, almost disgusting. But I've since realised just how yummy they are.

2020-01-26 Rerun commentary: They're even yummier freshly baked, still warm from the oven, with the chocolate all melty and oozy inside.

Wow, that camera angle in that third panel really works, doesn't it? It looks like all the backgrounds for these panels are from my photos of Italy again. It was the first European country I visited as an adult, so the photos ended up being used for a lot of my earlier comics.

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