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<   No. 2109   2008-11-04   >

Comic #2109

1 [newspaper headline]: POLLS PREDICT CLIFFHANGER
1 {photos of Allosaurus and Cthulhu}
1 [subhead]: "Vote for me or I'll bite your head off.*" - Allosaurus
1 [footnote]: *Paraphrase by Allosaurus Campaign Office.
1 [subhead]: "Vote for me or I'll drive you insane. Then bite your head off." - Cthulhu

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Today is, as almost all of you probably already know, an incredibly important day.

Something that always happens on a Tuesday in November.

You all know what I'm talking about.

Melbourne Cup Day.

2020-10-11 Rerun commentary: It's always struck me as weird that elections are on Tuesdays in the USA. Here in Australia they're always on a Saturday, when (traditionally at least), most people are not working, so it's easier to go and vote. I've read that there was a reason, many years ago, for choosing Tuesday, in that it was convenient for all the farmers, who would go to church on Sunday, then spend Monday travelling to the nearest town where they could vote, so Tuesday was sensible. I do harbour a sneaking suspicion that this situation is no longer the case for most Americans...

The other odd thing is seeing stories about people in the USA waiting for an hour or more, sometimes much more, to vote. I don't think I've ever spent more than 10 minutes or so waiting to vote, and usually it's less than 5 minutes.

And then you can get down to the real serious business of election day, the Democracy Sausage.

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