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<   No. 2113   2008-11-08   >

Comic #2113

1 Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: {closeup of face} Hey, I'm looking for the new guy. Going Back In Time And Murdering Yourself.
2 Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: {closeup of face} Have you seen him?
3 {scene expands to include another Death, only partly skeletonised, standing by the water cooler on the Infinite Featureless Plane of Death}
3 Me: Yes. Yes, I have.

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2020-10-25 Rerun commentary: Oh lawks. Haha!

So.... in the current story arc, I wanted to show myself turned into a Death. Two things:

1. I needed a scythe. I have a wooden staff, normally topped with a dragon claw, which I bought at a Fantasy/SF convention in the USA. I removed the claw and made a scythe blade out of corrugated cardboard, covered with aluminium foil, which I then taped to the staff. Instant scythe!

2. I needed to look like a skeleton. I bought a cheap Halloween skeleton costume thingy. It's not very good. As you can see, there are no arm bones printed on the material at all. And the feet are at knee level, so I'm actually kneeling, and have removed the parts of my legs from the knees to the feet in Photoshop. In one sense this is an advantage, because it reduces my height, making the proportions a bit more manageable compared to Lego figures, which are proportionally shorter and stockier than humans. I considered a skull mask, but as you can see decided against it - mainly so that you can actually see that it's really Me in there.

So it's all pretty makeshift and dodgy, much like an early Doctor Who episode. But hey, those are classics now, so I'm sure this is as well.

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