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<   No. 2114   2008-11-09   >

Comic #2114

1 Mercutio: Hmmm. Something weird is happening at the Large Hadron Collider...
1 Ophelia: What is it?
2 Mercutio: The live results page and... wait. I've said this before.
3 Mercutio: I have a really bad feeling about this.
3 Shakespeare: What's going on?
4 Mercutio: Hmmm. Something weird is happening at the Large Hadron Collider...
4 Ophelia: What is it?

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Normally I never re-use photos I've taken for the comic. Although I could re-use a lot of them, and many of you would probably never even notice, I have a personal code or rule or quirk or whatever you want to call it, that I don't re-use photos I've taken for the strip. I re-use background scenery shots, but when I set up the Lego figures and take a photo, that shot is only ever going to appear in one panel in one strip. If I need a similar looking shot later on, I take a new one.

But sometimes you just have to break the rules. But I feel so bad about it that I feel compelled to make an explicit confession.

I wonder if Ryan North has ever felt this sort of guilt.

2020-10-31 Rerun commentary: So, the intent here is to show a temporal loop, with time caught in a never-ending cycle of going back to the same point, à la Groundhog Day.

Oddly enough, I've never actually seen Groundhog Day, although of course I know the basic idea, as it's so much become the poster child for this sort of time loop shenanigan that even I was compelled to use it as a comparison point.

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