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<   No. 215   2003-08-28   >

Comic #215

1 Bandit: Take that! {slashing at Draak with his sword}
1 [sound]: SLICE!
2 Draak: [native tongue]
2 [caption]: * Translation: Oh dear. That's cut the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis and the anconeus. Fortunately it's missed the radial artery, but this wound will take weeks to heal and for the nerves to regrow.
3 Mordekai: Swearing in his native language! That must have hurt him.
3 Alvissa: I don't think that's swearing.
4 Alvissa: Draak, what did you say?
4 Draak: Ouch. Draak hurt bad.

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2012-07-06 Rerun commentary: Draak speaks using the freeware font Glyphis. For added exoticness, I rotate the entire block of text by 90° to give the impression of vertical columns, rather than standard left-to-right rows of words.

Glyphis is actually a suite of three separate font files that together give hundreds of arcane looking symbols. The font is rather tricky to track down on the net, and font download sites seem to be as unreliable and dodgy as music lyric sites, but for the benefit of anyone wanting to get this font today, here are some links that look like they work:

Also: Draak knows his anatomy, and seems to have similar musculature to humans. flexor carpi radialis, anconeus, and radial artery..

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