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<   No. 213   2003-08-26   >

Comic #213

1 Mordekai: Bandits!
2 Kyros: Stand back! I'm going to channel 300 points of mana for a fireball!
3 Draak: Draak not want die more! {striking Kyros down in one blow}
3 [sound]: CRACK!
4 Alvissa: Well done, Draak!
4 Bandit: {standing around watching} Hey, what about us?

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2012-07-04 Rerun commentary: The last time mana was mentioned, Kyros channelled 200 points for a fireball, which was meant to be insane overkill. Of course this time I had to ramp it up to even more absurd levels.

On a late note, it was only with a recent comment in the forums that I realised that the photography quality improved suddenly and dramatically in these most recent strips. For the first 200 strips, I used a cheap Logitech webcam (branded as a LEGO camera for the LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set. Then I bought a proper digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 3400. This was back in the day when digital cameras were still pretty expensive, so it was quite an investment. But the improvement in photo quality was worth it. Strip #201 was the first strip shot with the new camera, and you can see the jump in image quality. However the first photo shot for the comic with the new camera was the large group shot photo in the bonus strip on #200.

I thought I'd noted the change in camera in these annotations, and so was waiting to see it as I work my way through the back catalogue to remind myself of when it happened. But it seems I never actually mentioned it at the time.

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