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<   No. 2160   2008-12-25   >

Comic #2160

1 Robot: There you go. The rat is travelling through time. Look at the pictures on the monitors.
1 Paris: Amazing.
2 [sound]: Clunk.
2 Serron: What was that?
3 Paris: Your future selves and my clone have undocked. They're stealing our ship!
3 Paris 2: {over radio} So long, suckers!
4 Iki Piki: Quick! After them!
4 Robot: Now if only you owned this ship, we could chase them...

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Bonus Christmas comic!

Christmas 2008 special comic

A couple of weeks ago, Dave Rapp of Brickworld Saga contacted me. And three other guys who make LEGO webcomics:

The plan was to write a Christmas special comic, 20 panels, 4 panels each, in two rotational rounds of 2 panels at a time. An initial plan to do it by Internet chat was defeated when I pointed out that the only times I was available corresponded to about 2am to 5am in the time zones of all the other guys. So we did it by e-mail. And given the time constraints and the fact that Dave was actually flying to Australia the weekend before Christmas, we had no time whatsoever to collaborate on figuring out what any of the characters or sets looked like. So we all went in to shooting our own panels blind, with nothing but the caption text to go on.

All things considered, I think it turned out pretty amazingly well. The power of five LEGO nerds and the Internet! Now if only we could harness it for good!

* Not that Ian Healy. At least I don't think so. The sheer combination of LEGO webcomic artist and Australian Test wicket-keeper would be too amazingly cool to be true.

2021-04-10 Rerun commentary: Wow, actually look at the pictures on the monitors in the comic (the normal one, not the bonus Christmas one). I pasted in images from other themes where the rat is travelling through them. From left to right it looks like, as best I can tell: Shakespeare, Nigerian Finance Minister, Steve and Terry, Martians, Romans, Fantasy, Cliffhangers, Me/Death, Mythbusters, Espionage, Cliffhangers again, and Martians again.

This plus the fact that Paris is a semi-transparent ghost, means this comic would have taken a lot of Photoshop magic to put together.

And technically it should probably count as a crossover strip between all these themes.

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