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<   No. 2187   2009-01-21   >

Comic #2187

1 {Monty Jones and co. look at Colonel Haken, Erwin, and Hitler's Brain}
2 {awkward silence}
3 {more awkward silence}
4 Monty: Where's your Nazi Science now, then?
4 Colonel Haken: Sneering!

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Of course.

2021-07-11 Rerun commentary: I was reminded recently that the first human-made object in space was in fact a direct product of Nazi Science. The Nazis developed the V-2 rocket as a means of delivering bombs to targets in England. On 20 June 1944, the Nazi army launched a rocket codenamed MW 18014 on a vertical test flight. It reached an altitude of 176 km, becoming the first human-made object to achieve an altitude over 100 km, the international definition of the boundary of outer space.

After the war, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Russia took captured V-2 rockets and parts, and the latter two countries also recruited German scientists and engineers who had worked on the rockets. All three nations ran rocket test programmes using the V-2 rockets, which ultimately led to the United States and Russian space programmes.

Without Nazi Science, it's very possible that the Space Race and landing humans on the moon would have happened significantly later.

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