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<   No. 2223   2009-02-26   >

Comic #2223

1 Adam: Excuse me. Can we have the black powder from your gun?
2 Long Tom: Arrr! Fer what purpose, ye scurvy lubber?!
3 Jamie: We want to see if we can restore the universe.
4 Long Tom: And be bringin' everyone back to life?
4 Adam: Oh. That hadn't occurred to us.

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I'm amused by how Quercus' arm in the background appears to be coming out of the top of Adam's head in the last panel. I didn't notice that until after I'd taken the photos and was assembling this comic.

Whenever we travel, my wife likes to take photos of me with local monuments and landmarks apparently coming out of the top of my head. Deliberately, I should add. I have about a dozen photos of me in Germany with fountains of water shooting out of my head. It's a lot of fun.

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