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<   No. 224   2003-09-06   >

Comic #224

1 Anakin: {talking into a videophone} Hi mum! I'm on Naboo!
1 Shmi: {on phone} Ani! It's good to hear from you! How are you?
2 Anakin: Great! Guess what? I saved a whole planet, and I'm friends with the queen, and I'm gonna be a Jedi!
3 Shmi: {sitting at her videophone} Oh, I knew you could do it Ani! A queen?! So how soon will you be here to buy me out of slavery?
4 Anakin: {on phone} Uh... sorry mum, gotta go. Obi-Wan's teaching me some cool new mind tricks today. Later!

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Thanks to rebian for inspiring this one.

2012-07-17 Rerun commentary: I bet he never even sent a Mother's Day card.

Placing the video of someone on to the computer screen was of course done in my graphics editor. That's kind of fun. Much easier than replacing the sky behind all of the foreground stuff in all the panels.

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