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<   No. 2257   2009-04-01   >

Comic #2257

1 [caption]: Montana, 135 million years ago:
1 {Various dinosaurs standing around}
2 {they look around}
3 Tyrannosaurus Rex: RAAARRRHH!
3 Ceratosaurus: RAAARRRHH!
3 [subtitle]: Hey, where's the Allosaurus?
3 [subtitle]: Good question.
4 Tyrannosaurus Rex: RAAARRRHH!
4 [subtitle]: Um, and what am I doing in the Jurassic?
3 [subtitle]: And even better...

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Allosaurus are of course from the Jurassic period, while Tyrannosaurus are from the late Cretaceous. These two groups of dinosaurs never existed at the same time.

Allosaurus died out about 145 million years ago. Tyrannosaurus first shows up in the fossil record about 68 million years ago.

Just look at those numbers for a second.

There have been no Allosauruses for 145 million years.

Tyrannosaurus didn't appear until 68 million years ago.

145 million. 68 million.

145 million minus 68 million is 77 million.

We, humans, are closer in time to the species Tyrannosaurus rex than Tyrannosaurus is to Allosaurus.

By nine. Million. Years.

That's about 1500 times as long as recorded human history.

The various dinosaurs held sway over the Earth for a long, long, long, long time.

2022-02-16 Rerun commentary: Wow. I'd forgotten this and am blown away by this fact all over again.

Also, I'm happy when I can get multiple dinosaurs into a comic. I should do that more often.

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