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<   No. 2297   2009-05-11   >

Comic #2297

1 {scene: Somewhere in Switzerland; Prof. Jones is tied to a chair}
1 Monty: Dad! I'm here to rescue you from these Nazis!
2 Haken: {appearing} So, Herr Doktor Jones, we meet again for die first time.
3 Monty: You fool! It can't be "again" if it's the first time.
4 Haken: Nazi science sneers at maintaining a consistent narrative chronology!

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I'll just note that the very first line Colonel Haken ever had in Irregular Webcomic! was:

So, Dr. Jones, we meet again.

2022-05-22 Rerun commentary: The German word for "doctor" is indeed "doktor", although interestingly that word only carries part of the meaning of the English "doctor", and it may not be the part that you expect.

In German, a Doktor is someone with a doctoral degree, such as a Ph.D. On the other hand, a medical practitioner is an Arzt. Calling your German general practitioner a Doktor would be incorrect in most cases. But an archaeology professor would most certainly be a Doktor.

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