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<   No. 2343   2009-06-26   >

Comic #2343

1 {scene: Inside the ship Legacy, on the bridge}
1 Serron: This ship is fitted with all the latest high tech gadgetry. There's stuff in here which has never been used on a non-military vessel before.
2 Paris: Why is half the stuff in here a horrendous shade of bright pink?
2 Serron: That's so you can identify the new technology!
3 Paris: It's... overwhelming.
3 Serron: Something wrong?
4 Paris: No, I'm just suffering from fuchsia shock.

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Fuchsia the colour is named after Fuchsia the plant, in case you didn't know. Similarly, orange the colour is named after orange the fruit, not the other way around as many people think. What's more, it's a relatively new addition to the English language, appearing in recorded text for the first time only in 1512. Before that, the colour was called basically "yellow-red" - well actually geoluhread, the Old English version of the same concept.

I thought about including another pun in the final panel, but then I realised that it didn't need a toffler.

2022-08-06 Rerun commentary: Interestingly, Alvin Toffler's mother's name was Rose, another name for pinkish colours.

You heard it first here, folks. The title of his influential book was actually a two-step pun on his mother's name.

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