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<   No. 2353   2009-07-06   >

Comic #2353

1 [SFX]: Fwackoom!
2 Mordekai: It worked! The Balrog is gone!
2 Kyros: Told you nothing can stand up to fire.
3 Alvissa: Uh... Where'd the village go? {looking at a pile of smoking ruins next to them}
4 Villager: {appearing from behind the ruins} They came back to burn down what was left of our village! Get them!!

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I think this may be the first time Kyros has successfully dealt with a Balrog on screen. All the previous times we've had to rely on his word for it. Although the very fact that he's escaped from Balrogs so many times probably counts in his favour.

2022-08-21 Rerun commentary: No point leaving a village half destroyed, now, is there?

This mob looks a bit short on flaming torches and pitchforks. But then I suppose they could just pick up a bit of someone's former house and use it as a flaming torch.

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