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<   No. 2373   2009-07-26   >

Comic #2373

1 Dwalin: Wull, at list wi're at Cragfuit, on thu right side o' thu moontains this time. {translation: Well, at least we're at Cragfoot, on the right side of the mountains this time.}
1 Alvissa: Really?
2 Alvissa: Excuse me, are you running us out of Cragfoot or Footcrag?
3 Vilager: Footcrag!
4 Alvissa: I thought dwarves had a good sense of direction.
4 Dwalin: 'nd I thocht elves were nae so sarcastic! {translation: And I thought elves weren't so sarcastic!}

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You can't beat an angry mob with pitchforks and flaming torches. I'm so happy that LEGO make minifig pitchforks.

2022-10-30 Rerun commentary: The pitchforks do have these weird triple crossbars on them though.

I searched for images of medieval pitchforks online, and I found lots of images of them that don't look anything at all like the one above. They all pretty much have separate tines without extra crosspieces, like you might expect from modern pitchforks. I found exactly one pitchfork that does resemble the one shown above, in this set of rendered furniture and implements and other medieval props for Unreal Engine (click to the last sample image).

Now I'm wondering if, since there doesn't seem to be any other reference to medieval pitchforks looking like this, the creator rendered that one based on a Lego pitchfork...

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