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<   No. 2389   2009-08-11   >

Comic #2389

1 Jamie: How did you manage to invent a time machine?
2 Young Adam: We vowed that if we ever got plans for one, we'd come back and leave them where I could find them.
3 Adam: But we never did that! Time machines don't exist!
4 Young Adam: Time travel leads to paradoxes: Myth confirmed!

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These would be a heck of a lot easier to make if I actually had two Adam and Jamie figures.

2022-12-25 Rerun commentary: That's true - I only have one of each of the figures. I made all of these strips with young and old Adam and Jamie by fixing the camera in position, photographing them with one hairstyle on one side of the set, then replacing their hair/hats, moving them to the other side of the set, and shooting another photo. I repeated this for every panel of the comic, repositioning the camera and the set after each group of two photos. Then I blended the two photos from each camera position in Photoshop to give the appearance that each character was present twice.

So four a four-panel comic like this, there were eight photographs, and in between each photo I had to move the figures and change the hairstyles, and in between every group of two photos I had to move the camera and the set. And in between the two photos within each group I had to be super careful not to bump the camera. Sometimes I did bump the camera, losing the alignment, and had to scrap the first photo and start again.

I don't know why I bothered to make this storyline so long!

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