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<   No. 2539   2010-01-08   >

Comic #2539

1 Ghost: Okay, fine, we'll join your so-called "righteous" quest.
2 Mordekai: Good! A verbal agreement is a legally binding contract! You're bound to our service now!
2 Ghost: Hey, what are you trying to pull?
3 Mordekai: Well, in order for any of us to survive long enough to complete the quest, there's the small matter of an insane fire wizard we know...
4 Ghost: You do realise we're here because we broke our last oath?

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Swearing of oaths used to actually count for something. It used to be that people really respected sworn oaths, and would take you at your word, pretty much without question.

Nowadays we're much too cynical a society to really put anywhere near as much credence on to an oath. I mean, if the director of a huge company swore on his mother's grave to stop polluting the rivers near his chemical factories, would anyone really believe him?

It would be nice if we could revive faith in oaths, so that you really could believe someone if they swore to stop dumping toxic chemicals into the waterways. Lend such things more credence.

It would be a credence clear-water revival.

2023-12-10 Rerun commentary: But unfortunately that company director would make sure to have that chemical factory's big wheel keep on turnin'...

Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river...

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