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<   No. 2568   2010-02-06   >

Comic #2568

1 Kyros: At last! I have enough mana to destroy the Orcrift Mountains! This will be the greatest feat of sorcery ever accomplished!
2 Kyros: It was risky gathering that much mana; one distraction and it could have been disaster. But nothing can stop me now!
3 Ghost: Excuse me, I'm looking for a crazy fire wizard.
3 Kyros: Huh?...
4 SFX: Fwackoom!

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Last night (as I write this) was New Year's Eve. I was at a party, at which a friend told me about this thing he did with some simple fireworks. It sounded awesome.

I was going to mention it more explicitly here, but some brief searching on the Internet just now has made me decide that sharing the details of what he did would be rather irresponsible.

Do not play with fireworks, kids. They are dangerous.

And do not, under any circumstances, attempt to emulate Kyros. He is a trained idiot.

2024-03-23 Rerun commentary: Actual Discord chat I had with some of my Dungeons & Dragons players while I was looking at this strip and pondering what to write for this rerun:

Me: So, Notgandalf's mentor wizard, who we named Jessica last night... What should her title be? I suggest two possible options: Jessica the Luminary, or Jessica the Sassy.
Player 1: Any particular reason for those?
Me: Just two that I came up with that I kind of like the sound of.
Player 2: Jessica the Ubiquitous
Jessica the Mindstoker
Jessica the Distracted
Jessica the Turtle
Player 1: Which name gives the highest chance of her teaching Notgandalf the Fireball spell at level five?
Me: Jessica the Irresponsible
Player 1: Sold

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