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<   No. 2588   2010-02-26   >

Comic #2588

1 Terry: So where are we?
2 {shot of St Paul's Cathedral through a smoky sky}
3 Jane Goodall: London, 1940.
3 Terry: Seriously?
4 Terry: Of all the times and places in the world, why would a time machine drop us here?
4 Jane Goodall: Have you even heard of Dr Who?

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Seriously, London is the centre of the biggest time vortex in the universe. At least in spatial coordinates.

And since we're talking about time travel, we have to mention the time coordinate as well. In which case, London during World War II is the centre of the biggest time vortex in the entire space-time continuum.

2024-05-12 Rerun commentary: The background photo in panel 2 is St Paul's Survives, a famous photograph taken during The Blitz, showing how the great cathedral remained undamaged amidst the destruction of London by German bombing raids.

This also means that we can pinpoint the location of Steve, Terry, and Jane Goodall as the roof of the Daily Mail building in Tudor Street, on the morning of 30 December, 1940.

The TARDIS is just out of shot to the left in panels 1, 3, and 4.

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