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<   No. 2594   2010-03-04   >

Comic #2594

1 {scene: The office water cooler}
1 Shakespeare: I'm reading a book about a wizard who, with his younger self, retrieves dinosaurs from the distant past, thus fulfilling legends of the existence of dragons.
2 Mercutio: I'm reading one about Nazis using cloned yeti soldiers to raid the afterlife for great historic scientists to perfect their hyperspace pirate zeppelins.
3 {beat}
4 Shakespeare: Our lives are too mundane.
4 Mercutio: Ayup.

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At my work we have a gadget that chills tap water, rather than a cooler that has bottled water attached to it.

At least we did have until it broke a while ago, and the company decided to seek a different contractor to replace it, thus delaying the fixing of the device for several weeks now.

So I've been drinking room temperature tap water all day in the office.

It's at times like this when I could really do with a fantastic journey across time or space, to see distant horizons, experience amazing cultures and landscapes, and get a nice drink of really cold water.

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