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<   No. 2625   2010-04-04   >

Comic #2625

1 Mary: So now what? You go back to your own time and abandon us to raise your fathers by ourselves?
2 Young Adam: We never met our grandfathers. You told us they died in a lab accident at the army base.
3 Young Adam: So hanging around to help you raise the kids could destroy the timestream! It would be totally irresponsible!
4 Mary: Well that's one for the annals of male chauvinism.
4 Sue: We should start some sort of "women's liberation" movement.

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I like it when the first panel by itself has a character saying something so absurd that it would never be said in any normal sort of context.

I almost didn't include a link about Women's Liberation, figuring that's one of those things that everybody knows about. Having lived through a good part of it and being immersed in the events of the 1970s while growing up, it's part of my cultural background.

But realising that some people reading this comic weren't even born until the 1990s, that assumption may be incorrect. So if you've never heard of Women's Liberation, go read a bit about it.

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