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<   No. 2757   2010-08-14   >

Comic #2757

1 Prof. Jones: So if Gorgons turn creatures to stone, what do they eat?
1 Minnesota Jones: Fruit and vegetables?
1 Prof. Jones: Vegetarians? They can't be too bad then.
2 Minnesota Jones: The Führer's Brain gets nutrients only from a vegetable broth.
2 Prof. Jones: Oh.
3 Monty: I wonder how we can survive encountering the Gorgons. Perseus needed the protection of Zeus, Hades, Hermes, and Athena to do it.
4 Monty: I've never seen a more blatant example of god-win.

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I've mentioned before how Dungeons & Dragons game provides a pseudo-ecological explanation for how medusas (which are an entire race of snake-haired women who turn living things into stone by looking at them) can survive. They have male counterparts known as maedar, who turn stone to flesh, which the couple can then consume.

But checking a game write-up of Maedars provides the following pieces of information:

Maedar are the little-known male version of the medusas. They are extremely rare, however, and few medusas ever find a maedar spouse. [...] A maedar's magical power provides food for him and his mate. He smashes her petrified victims with his fists and then transforms them into flesh, which they both consume.
Okay, that seems like a semi-reasonable explanation for how they can get meat to eat. But "few medusas ever find a maedar spouse"! So what do all those medusas who never meet the maedar of their dreams eat, if all the animals they look at turn to stone? Presumably a vegetarian diet.

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