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<   No. 282   2003-11-03   >

Comic #282

1 Monty: {driving away in an escape car} Whew! It's good to be out of the clutches of the Nazis and on our way home.
2 Prof. Jones: Junior! I've just remembered! We must go back!
3 Monty: What for, dad? Did we leave your Grail Diary in Berlin?!
4 Prof. Jones: No... I still have a chapter to go on that mystery novel in our prison cell.

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2012-09-22 Rerun commentary: Yeah, this problem would never have occurred if he'd just taken the novel with him when he left. But when you're escaping from a Nazi prison cell in Berlin, you probably have other things on your mind.

Notice Sallah sitting quietly in the back seat of the car. Keep an eye on him.

Also, this is a nice LEGO car model. I built it from scratch out of pieces of a car model from some set or other. I needed to build a custom one specifically so it would have a seat in the back for Sallah.

Oh, and the sky is depressingly beige again here. This must have been the stage where I only changed the sky to be actually blue when I felt I had the time.

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