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<   No. 2887   2010-12-22   >

Comic #2887

1 SFX: JURRRZ! {time machine appears}
2 Isaac Newton: Charles Darwin?
2 Charles Darwin: Yes?
3 Isaac Newton: You must accompany me into the unknown future.
3 Charles Darwin: Over my dead body.
4 Caption: Westminster Abbey, 2010.
4 {photo of interior of Westminster Abbey, with arrows showing Newton's tomb looming over Darwin's}

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Yeah, seriously. If you go into Westminster Abbey, Isaac Newton is entombed in this magnificent monument containing a marble statue of the scientist, surmounted by cherubim and a globe. Just around the corner, set into the floor, is a plain stone slab, below which lies the remains of Charles Darwin.

This is no insult to Darwin, of course, because next to him lie several other great scientists, including Ernest Rutherford, J. J. Thomson, Charles Lyell, William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, and John Herschel, as well as memorials to others such as William Herschel (father of John), James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday, James Watt, Paul Dirac, George Stokes, Thomas Young, and Alfred Russell Wallace.

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