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<   No. 290   2003-11-11   >

Comic #290

1 Alvissa: Do you have a god, Draak?
1 Draak: Yes, Draak have god.
2 Alvissa: I've never seen you pray. What's he a god of?
2 Draak: God of Eat. We pray long time past, but no more.
3 Alvissa: What happened?
3 Draak: He eat too much, get fat. Now we not pray to him.
4 Lambert: Ah. So he's orisontally challenged?

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Blame Glen Barnett.

If you don't know why, reach for your dictionary. Then blame Glen Barnett.

2012-10-02 Rerun commentary: Revisiting this strip now for the rerun, I've replaced the link in the commentary above to point to Oxford Dictionaries Online. It used to point to the definition at Merriam-Webster, but that site is just awful. As are most other dictionary sites out there.

On another note, this tavern is lasting a suspiciously long time without being burnt down.

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