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<   No. 289   2003-11-10   >

Comic #289

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: Ah, Mr Steve. Thank you for coming to Nigeria.
1 Terry: He's not the King's twin!
2 Nigerian Finance Minister: We've been looking forward to meeting you.
2 Terry: He's not Nigerian!
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: I'd like you to meet your long-lost twin brother, the King.
3 Terry: He's lily-white!
4 Steve: Crikey! Nice to meet you.
4 Terry: That's it, then. I've entered the Twilight Zone...

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2012-10-01 Rerun commentary: Yes, the King of Nigeria is wearing the same outfit as Padmé Amidala in strip #285. Hey, she was a Queen once, so it's certainly regal enough.

It seems there's a big dust storm in Nigeria. How else do you explain that yellow-orange sky?

There's a very important fact about the King of Nigeria that... I won't mention in any further detail here, since it'll spoil some of the story development later on. Let's just say that if you're currently thinking something along the lines of, "But... Nigeria [deleted]!", then you're a step ahead of the game. Consider yourself too clever by half, pat yourself on the back, and let's move on.

The rest of you... don't worry about it.

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