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<   No. 2925   2011-01-29   >

Comic #2925

1 Hitler's Brain: Throw them into die cells until I decide what to do with them!
1 Erwin: Jawohl!
2 Erwin: March!
2 Prof. Jones: We know the way.
3 {scene change: they reach the cells}
3 Erwin: Links! Rechts! Links!
4 Monty: Sallah!
4 Sallah: Well Monty, you sure took your sweet time getting here this time.

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I've mentioned this before... er... six years ago... but I hope you'll forgive the indulgence of doing so again, because I think this strip illustrates the principle nicely.

Something that has been a conscious constant in Irregular Webcomic! over the years is that I always endeavour to show the characters travelling left to right when they are making positive progress, and conversely travelling right to left when encountering obstacles or setbacks. Here, of course, they are being set back by being thrown into the cells, so we see our heroes moving right to left.

Sometimes, for reasons of scene composition, I've violated this principle. I just wanted to say a couple of things about it though. Firstly, check out how many other comic artists do a similar thing - you may be surprised when you look for it. And secondly, this really is a conscious element in my mind when I shoot the photos for a comic. I do it as second nature now, but it's always present there in my mind when I'm laying out the scene - it's not something that just happens by accident.

This isn't the only thing of this nature that comes into play when I compose a comic, not by far. There are many creative decisions and constraints that apply each time. I presume most creators have similar suites of considerations that they apply whenever creating a work, which their readers/viewers/listeners never consciously pick up, but which subconsciously influence the way the work is perceived.

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