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<   No. 293   2003-11-14   >

Comic #293

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: {handing over a certificate} Mr Steve, we've processed your application. Here's your Nigerian birth certificate.
2 Terry: It's a worthless scrap of paper!
2 Nigerian Flunky: Finance Minister! The King has succumbed to his illness!
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: The King is dead! Long live King Steve!
3 Steve: Crikey! I'm the King?!
4 Nigerian Finance Minister: Technically you have to wait for the coronation ceremony. Which you need to pay for. In advance.
4 Terry: Oy vey!
4 Steve: No worries!

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2012-10-05 Rerun commentary: "Oy vey" is an English phrase of Yiddish origin.

It's kind of an unusual thing for me as an Australian author, since most Yiddish terms that enter English do so through American usage, adopted from the relatively large Jewish population, and very few of them filter into common Australian usage. Evidently Terry watches a lot of imported American TV.

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