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<   No. 72   2003-04-06   >

Comic #72

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: Oh Man! It's happened to all my important emails again!
2 CRT: % mail
2 CRT: 1 Mar 23 09:56 Illegal impersonatio
2 CRT: 2 admin@spamcop Mar 23 10:05 Email Scams are ille
2 CRT: 3 president@whi Mar 23 10:09 Stop spamming me wit
2 CRT: 4 Mar 23 10:15 UNSUNSCRIBE
2 CRT: 5 chirac@assemb Mar 23 10:22 Ce Spam est illégal
2 CRT: 6 Mar 23 10:34 Violation of UN anti
2 CRT: 7 Mar 23 10:41 Email scam warning
2 CRT: 8 greenspan@fed Mar 23 10:46 Get lost, spammer!
2 CRT: 9 admin@spamcop Mar 23 10:49 Nigerian money scam
2 CRT: 10 chancellor@ra Mar 23 10:51 Nicht gespammen sie!
2 CRT: 11 president@whi Mar 23 10:58 Money scam violates
2 CRT: 12 Mar 23 11:04 Stop the scam spams!
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: But I really am the Minister of Finance for Nigeria!

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2012-01-21 Rerun commentary: Wow, the new themes are coming thick and fast! This is the first strip featuring the Nigerian Finance Minister.

At this stage I didn't have any LEGO figures with dark skin. And I figured depicting the Nigerian Finance Minister with standard LEGO yellow skin would be slightly less realistic than depicting everyone else with standard LEGO yellow skin. So I tweaked the skin colour in my graphics editor. With rather embarrassing and clumsy results, looking back on it now. Once committed, I had to use this technique for several more strips before acquiring a more suitable minifigure.

The Minister is, by the way, using a terminal-based text-only e-mail client, such as the venerable mailx, which many readers have probably never heard of, but which was my preferred method of reading e-mail even at the time I made this strip in 2003.

(For anyone interested, I skipped "improved" mail clients such as elm and pine completely, and went straight from mailx to Mozilla Mail sometime around 2004, just before Thunderbird took over.)

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