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<   No. 2997   2011-04-11   >

Comic #2997

1 Shakespeare: The Battle of Britain. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.
2 Winston Churchill: Oooh. That's good.
3 Minister: Good? They're German spies, Prime Minister.
4 Winston Churchill: Nonsense! Anyone who commands English that well can't possibly be a foreign spy! Release them. He's my speech writer from now on.

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Generating a Winston Churchill minifigure was not as straightforward as it might appear. The first physical characteristic that came to my mind when thinking of how to portray him was his portly figure - which is impossible to show with any standard LEGO figure. There's no obvious way to modify one to produce a stout appearance either unless you start doing things with modelling clay.

So I did what any sensible person would do and Googled for "lego winston churchill". I found this photo, which is a wonderful recreation of this famous photo. This work is by a reasonably well-known LEGO photographer known as Balakov. He has created several other reproductions of iconic and famous photographs using LEGO figures. You can see them in his collection here.

Anyway, I basically copied the concept, and then added a cigar, Churchill's other notable identifying feature. Which involved some work, since LEGO don't make cigars for their figures. I used a sharp knife to cut a wand (from a Harry Potter set) down to size. Et voilà!

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