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<   No. 302   2003-11-23   >

Comic #302

1 Spanners: Okay, I've worked out what we need to do to fix the computer.
1 Iki Piki: What?
2 Spanners: Use virtuality gear to attack the problem in cyberspace! I'm jacking us in...
2 Serron: Wait!
3 {scene change: now in the virtual reality of cyberspace}
3 Serron: {now a cyberspace avatar} Oh man... Now we're stuck here until we fix the problem, aren't we?
3 Spanners: Yeah. What's the matter?
4 Serron: I wanted to use the loo first.

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The space characters haven't been in cyberspace since strip #143. I thought it was about time we sent them back there again.

2012-10-16 Rerun commentary: How does one use the loo when one's mind is in cyberspace? Presumably your physical body still needs to perform normal bodily functions, even if your brain is off somewhere hacking into corporate virtual reality security systems.

I guess if you were planning for an extended stay in cyberspace, you could hook up your body to waste removal tubes and stuff, kind of like astronauts do. But if you forgot or entered cyberspace without warning, you might not enjoy the situation your body is in when you return...

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