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<   No. 301   2003-11-22   >

Comic #301

1 Terry: Jane!
1 Jane Goodall: Terry! Nice to see you again. Now, what's up?
2 Terry: It's Steve. He's convinced he's going to be crowned King of Nigeria, and has been scammed of all our money!
3 Terry: I wanted you to pummel some sense into him.
3 Jane Goodall: I'll do my best...
4 Jane Goodall: But I'm experienced at handling aggressive primates, not stupid ones...

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2012-10-15 Rerun commentary: I like the subtle implication that Jane pummels the primates she works with.

By this point in the comic, the colours of the speech bubbles have settled down. Early on they tended to vary, sometimes dramatically, for the same character. But from now on you'll see that Terry's is always not just green, but exactly the same shade of green. when making a new strip, I would go back to a previous strip with the same character speaking to sample the exact colour of the speech bubbles.

This is particularly important for Jane Goodall, because not only are her speech bubbles the same colour, her hair is manually recoloured in every single strip to match the same hue (with lightness differences to retain the detail).

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