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<   No. 3034   2011-05-18   >

Comic #3034

1 Iki Piki: Paris! Quercus! Hey, the gang's all back together.
2 Serron: Let's get off this planet before we mess up our past selves' timeline any further.
3 Spanners: Capital idea. I'll prep the engines for departure.
4 Paris: That's unusually responsible of you, Serron.
4 Serron: I figured it would work better than "before we pay our berthing fee".

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Back in my schooldays, there was a neighbour of ours who used to prep his engine for departure. Every morning he'd start his car, despite the car obviously not wanting to start. It would take several noisy attempts to turn the engine over. Once turned over, it would sputter a few times, and stop. Only for this process to be repeated several times. Then eventually the engine would kick and roar into life, and the neighbour would spend several minutes revving it up and down. Then he'd leave the engine running noisily for about 15 minutes, presumably while he went back inside and had breakfast or something, so that it was nice and warmed up. And finally, about half an hour after this whole spectacle* had begun, he'd rev the engine into spitting, snarling, protesting life, and make his way out on to the street, where the sound of the engine would fade away into the distance for the next 5 minutes.

All before the time I had to get out of bed to prepare for school.

* Is it okay to call something experienced purely aurally a "spectacle"? I'm saying it is.

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