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<   No. 3078   2011-07-01   >

Comic #3078

1 Yeti: Hitler's office is this way, past the prisoner cells.
2 Young Adam: Hey! Let us out!
2 Steve: Crikey! Prisoners! Let's rescue 'em!
3 Charity Collector Guy: No. Time is already folded. We don't want to make any more changes than we absolutely have to.
4 Giuseppe: {singing} 'O sole mio!
4 Jane Goodall: So, killing this guy is okay?

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Ten years ago I visited the Isle of Capri, off the coast of Italy. The big tourist attraction there is the famous Grotta Azzurra, or Blue Grotto, which is a sea cave on one side of the island. The entrance above sea level is small - barely large enough for a rowboat to enter, which they do - but below the water there is a much larger hole which allows the sunlight refracting through the water to penetrate and illuminate the white sand underneath, resulting in an eerie blue glow that suffuses the entire cave. It's pretty cool.

To enter in a boat, you have to lie down as the boatman hauls the boat inside the cave by means of a rope - the clearance is that tight that you could easily smack your head on the rock if you don't lie down. Once inside, it's eerily beautiful.

And the cave echoes marvelouslly. As was clearly demonstrated when our boatman burst into a chorus of... you guessed it. 'O Sole Mio.

Clearly they do that particular song for the foreign tourists, but it was still pretty cool.

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