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<   No. 3126   2011-08-18   >

Comic #3126

1 Ophelia: Did you crack the Enigma code?
2 Mercutio: Yes. And with the help of Alan Turing and their staff of mathematicians, I worked out what we're doing here in 1940.
3 Ophelia: Oh? What's that?
3 Mercutio: We're helping to win the war!
4 Ophelia: It took you a bank of mathematical geniuses to work that out?

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Alan Turing was born in 1912, and the centenary year (2012) has been designated as the Alan Turing Year by the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee, a group comprised of prominent computer scientists and historians from all over the world. Various high profile events are planned. If you're in England next year, try to check some of them out.

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