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<   No. 3297   2013-09-15   >

Comic #3297

1 Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: So Star Wars Episodes 7 through 9, huh? That should mean more insanely overpowered fireballs!
1 Head Death: You do realise that's fiction, not reality?
1 Death of Being Ground By A Mars Rover Rock Abrasion Tool: They should put more Mars Rovers in!

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It's been a very busy fortnight for me - mostly work stuff sapping my energy - so I am pushing the next half-finished long annotation out to next week. (Someone wrote to tell me they think they should be called "essays", but I still prefer to think of them as annotations. Even though they're not annotating anything.)

Anyway, so instead today there is a new comic! Yes, that's right, when I am too busy to produce the normal new content for Irregular Webcomic! I run a filler strip which is an actual comic.

This is another entry from the now ancient "submit some art" contest which has never before seen the light of day. This art contribution was done by Kirstie Murray. I have no idea if you're still reading, Kirstie, but thank you!

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